A good way to measure

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I read in Brand’s “Popular Antiquities” that “Bishop Stillingfleet observes, that among the peoples of the northern nations, the Feast of the New Year was observed with more than ordinary jollity: thence, as Olaus Wormius and Scheffer observe, they reckoned their age by so many Iolas.” (Iola: to make merry) So may we measure our lives by our joys.

We have lived, not in proportion to the number of years that we have spent on the earth,

but in proportion as we have enjoyed

Henry David Thoreau, Journals (1860)

3 thoughts on “A good way to measure

    1. Hi Chris,

      I think it might refer to the saxons or the celts or maybe the German tribes. If us….there’s a big surprise. It might be the origin of the word “yule”

      Hope you are well


      1. That’s really interesting Karl.

        We are both well now, well almost. I can’t remember if I told you, both of us were admitted to hospital together on the same day a couple of weeks before Xmas, with pneumonia. It was such a shock. We had to call the doctor out as we were both quite poorly but thought we would just be given a prescription. I only had to stay in one night but John was in for three nights. It is taking time to recover and my MS is causing my recovery to be somewhat slower. But I’m getting there


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