He who comes is a mystery

The Christmas story allows us to see the deep truth of the conversational nature of the human condition. So much of life is centered around a meeting, a frontier between us and another person or a new moment. Often we  do not recognize who or what stands before us in this moment  and because of that, the encounter passes us by:

He who comes is a mystery: features

are not known before beforehand, men’s hearts may

not be quick to distinguish the stranger.

But when draughts through the doorway disperse 

the thick mist of the hours of darkness

and a shape in a shawl stands revealed

both a newborn and Spirit that’s Holy

in yourself you discover; you stare

skyward and it’s right there: 

a star

Joseph Brodsky, 1940 – 1996, Russian Nobel Prize winning poet, 24 dekabrya 1971/ 24 December 1971

photo egres 73



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