Heaven and earth

This shell is not of my own making

Borrowing it from heaven and earth

I live out each and every day

Eichi Enomoto, 1903 – 1998, Hermit crab

One’s life is a combination of what one borrows and what one is gifted with. Without borrowing all the strength from heaven and earth, one cannot truly live, even for a minute

Shunda Aoyama, Zen Seeds

Where is liberation to be found?

We can wish that things were different, but…

Where is liberation to be found? The Buddha taught that both human suffering and human enlightenment are found in our own fathom-long body with its senses and mind. If not here and now, where else will we find it?

Jack Kornfield


Our difficulties are not obstacles to the path; they are the path itself. They are opportunities to awaken. Can we learn what it means to welcome an unwanted situation, with its sense of groundlessness, as a wake-up call? Can we look at it as a signal that there is something here to be learned? Can we allow it to penetrate our hearts? By learning to do this, we are taking the first step toward learning what it means to open to life as it is. We are learning what it means to be willing to be with whatever life presents us. Even when we don’t like it, we understand that this difficulty is our practice, our path, our life.

Ezra Bayda, Being Zen

Seeing the moon

The pandemic has meant that we have lost a lot of what we were accustomed to. Can we still look for beauty or “see the moon” when our modern day structures fall?

The barn’s burnt down,
now I can see the moon.

Mizuta Masahide, 1657–1723,  Japanese Zen poet