Nothing can land there

The Buddha’s instructions to his son, Rahula, who was aged seven:

Rahula, develop your meditation so that it is like space,

for when you develop meditation that is like space,

the agreeable and disagreeable contacts that arise will not invade your mind and remain.

Just as space is not established anywhere, so too, Rahula, develop meditation that is like space. 


You make the waves

Very stormy weather in Ireland this past week, continuing overnight with heavy rain.  The Eastern tradition called the causes of emotional pain ‘worldly winds’: gusts of blame and loss, happiness and unhappiness. They blow through the heart and throw us off balance, making us feel that we never feel good enough where we are or how our life actually is:

Nothing outside yourself can cause any trouble.

You yourself make the waves in your mind.

If you leave your mind as it is, it will become calm.

This mind is called big mind.

Shunryu Suzuki

Our original mind

File:White osteospermum.jpg

Mind has no colour; it is not long or short;

it does not vanish or appear; it is free from purity and impurity alike; and its duration is eternal.

It is utter stillness.

Such, then, is the form and shape of our original mind,

which is also our original body.

Hui Hai 720 – 814

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