Why look elsewhere

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There is no need to run outside
For better seeing,
Nor to peer from a window. Rather abide
At the center of your being;
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.
Search your heart and see
If he is wise who takes each turn:
The way to do is to be.
Lao Tzu
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Easter Sunday: Presence


The ordinary miracles begin. Somewhere
a signal arrives: “Now,” and the rays
come down. A tomorrow has come. Open
your hands, lift them: morning rings
all the doorbells; porches are cells for prayer.
Religion has touched your throat. Not the same now,
you could close your eyes and go on full of light.

William Stafford, Today



We are asked to live in companionship with patterns and dynamics that are either disappearing, have not fully emerged or can never be fully named;

patterns perhaps already changing into forms for which we have yet no language.

It might be liberating to think of human life as informed by losses and disappearances

as much as by gifted appearances,

allowing a more present participation and witness to the difficulty of living

David Whyte, The Poetic Narrative of our Times