We make our own problems


When you are completely absorbed in your breathing there is no self.  What is your breathing?  That breathing is not you, nor air.  What is it?  It is not self at all.  When there is no self you have absolute freedom.  Because you have a silly idea of self you have a lot of problems.  So I say your problems are homemade.

Suzuki Roshi, teaching June 1st, 1966

Allow them to come, allow them to go

If we can allow some space within our awareness and rest there, we can respect our troubling thoughts and emotions, allow them to come, and let them go.

Our lives may be complicated on the outside, but we remain simple, easy, and open on the inside.   

Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Our masks

 Only with patience can we come to see through the fear-based stories and excuses which so often run our lives. Hiding behind them, or living restricted because of them, we risk not being truly there  for most of our lives. Again, the challenge is to work fully with what is present in our day and not hide from it: 

Year after year —
on the monkey’s face
a monkey’s mask.

Basho, 17th Century Japanese poet