Nothing can land there

The Buddha’s instructions to his son, Rahula, who was aged seven:

Rahula, develop your meditation so that it is like space,

for when you develop meditation that is like space,

the agreeable and disagreeable contacts that arise will not invade your mind and remain.

Just as space is not established anywhere, so too, Rahula, develop meditation that is like space. 


Don’t invite them to stay

Not only is life always in movement, but the mind is also.

So, in meditation as in life, how to deal with negative thoughts and difficult feeling states…

In zazen [meditation], leave your front door and your back door open.

Let thoughts come and go.

Just don’t serve them tea.

Shunryu Suzuki

Being at ease with the messiness of life

With mindfulness practice, you learn to see how the untrained mind is agitated by the human condition and how not to allow this general anxiety to fuel your fear in a specific situation. You also gain tolerance for the unpleasantness of uncertainty and also the naturalness of your own imperfection. You have confidence that “life is like this.” You cannot and are not supposed to miraculously fix it; rather, you gain the insight that happiness and peace come from relating to life just as it is.

Philipp Moffit, Freedom from Fear

Sunday Quote: Stop running

Now and then it is good 

to pause in our pursuit of happiness

and simply be happy,

[De temps en temps il est bon de faire une pause dans notre quête du bonheur  et simplement être heureux]


Guillaume Appolinaire, 1880 – 1918