Meditation in its simplest sense

The word ‘meditation’ can mean all kinds of things. It’s a word that includes any kind of mental practices, good or bad. But when I use this word, what I’m mainly using it for is that sense of centring, that sense of establishing, resting in the centre. The only way that one can really do that is not to try and think about it and analyse it; you have to trust in just a simple act of attention, of awareness. It’s so simple and so direct that our complicated minds get very confused….The more I pay attention and I’m aware, the more I recognise that in this still point there’s this resounding sound of silence.

Ajahn Sumedo

Some practical advice for living

All the different wisdom traditions have the same message. And yet sometimes when we read these texts we see them as eternal laws, impacting sometime in the future, without realizing that they are giving practical guidelines about happiness, and how to live right now, moment by moment.  The conditions for real contentment are fully present in our life now, if we can just notice.  We have such a strong desire to control, and our fears about not being in control are so strong, that we frequently  fall into the trap of believing that we will gain security by  thinking excessively about situations. Texts like this remind us of a different strategy towards happiness.  These simple flowers that I saw in in the field today remind me. There is a rhythm deep down in nature. We can trust and let go.

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

Luke 12:25f

Today, cultivate aloneness

It’s very easy to avoid being alone – there are so many distractions. However, in one sense we are always alone in our experience…. Without solitary time there is no chance to reflect on your life and find wisdom.  My advice is to cultivate aloneness as a habit – even for just five or ten minutes a day.  See what it’s like.  Sit there and allow whatever intrigues or bores or scares you to arise. The energy you spend in fearful reaction to things is much greater than the energy it takes to look at them. Out of that time come amazing things: insight, creativity, courage, self-knowledge – and truth.  I promise. 

Susan Piver

Hold on lightly – let feelings pass through awareness


Meditation is a special kind of dance in which we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the practice of deconstructing the materialistic view of reality. The challenge is simultaneously to hold on and to let go; it is to see clearly what we are doing and at the same time see through it.

Ajahn Amaro