Today, cultivate aloneness

It’s very easy to avoid being alone – there are so many distractions. However, in one sense we are always alone in our experience…. Without solitary time there is no chance to reflect on your life and find wisdom.  My advice is to cultivate aloneness as a habit – even for just five or ten minutes a day.  See what it’s like.  Sit there and allow whatever intrigues or bores or scares you to arise. The energy you spend in fearful reaction to things is much greater than the energy it takes to look at them. Out of that time come amazing things: insight, creativity, courage, self-knowledge – and truth.  I promise. 

Susan Piver

2 thoughts on “Today, cultivate aloneness

  1. Thank you for sharing these view on aloneness. When I am alone and still – I can’t help but see and feel. Truth oozes out; some days I turn and run like I’ve just seen Medusa. Other days, it’s okay: there’s beauty, pain, joy, anger …. a gamut as rich and variable as a kaleidoscope. This connection is worth cultivating because we not have to feel lonely when alone (at least not all of the time) … and knowing who we are and how we feel makes us more centered in the world. I like your suggestion that just 5 to 10 minutes a day can help deepen your relationship with yourself.

    1. Nice to hear your comments Jennifer. And it is a pleasure to discover your blog and the lovely way you write. What a great project. Karl.

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