The seeds within

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Mindfulness involves paying attention to and nurturing what is helpful, as well as evaluating,  and not allowing a footing to, those seeds which will cause confusion and distress:

If we take good care of everything in us, without discrimination, we prevent our negative energies from dominating. We reduce the strength of our negative seeds so that they won’t overwhelm us. Mindfulness means to be present, to be aware of what is going on. This energy is very crucial for the practice. The energy of mindfulness is like a big brother or big sister, holding a young one in her arms, taking good care of the suffering child, which is our anger, despair, or jealousy. So mindfulness recognizes, embraces, and revives. Mindfulness helps us look deeply in order to gain insight. Insight is the liberating factor. It is what frees us and allows transformation to happen. 

Thich Nhat Hahn, Taming the Tiger Within

photo Ude

4 thoughts on “The seeds within

  1. This idea of only watering the good and healthy seeds in our thoughts makes a lot of sense to me.
    However, this week I was planting some vegetables from seed. At the gardening store they told me I need to be emotionally prepared to do the thinning. Since I haven’t done a lot of gardening I am not sure if I know what’s ahead of me. It sounds brutal, and I wonder if I’ll be ready for it.
    If that’s going to be tough, I wonder how it is with my own thoughts.

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