Bored with what we have


Are you bored yet? Nowadays, boredom is considered a scourge. We blame boredom for the death of curiosity, learning, productivity, innovation, and commitment. Boredom is the antecedent to all kinds of distractions, disengagements, overindulgences, and infidelities…. When we’re bored, we go looking for something new. And let’s face it: we’re nearly always looking for something new. It doesn’t matter how much or how little we’ve got — how well we each manage our store of talents or prospects — we are somehow convinced that we haven’t yet got “it,” not enough to be completely satisfied or secure. We might think we need something as harmless as a cookie, a game, or a gadget — or another career, lover, or child. We might call what we want higher purpose, wisdom, passion, or simply a change of scenery. Until we are at peace with ourselves, the quest continues. Until we know that there is nowhere else to go, and nothing more to get, we are trapped in delusion.

Karen Maezen Miller

photo harlequeen

3 thoughts on “Bored with what we have

  1. I think boredom and laziness go hand and hand. When I am in a rut, I sum up the motivation and no matter what I am doing at that point…pulling weeds…going on a date with my husband, cooking or painting, I am no longer bored.

  2. we live too fast so the moment we stop – we think, and i say we think, we are bored. My grandparents lived all their lives in a tiny cottage, (50 years.) They had a small radio but no t.v. and few books. I don’t think they would have thought about boredom. thanks eve.

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