The flow of the breath

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Breath – you invisible poem!

Pure, continuous change

with all that is, flow and counterflow

where rhythmically I come to be.

Each time a wave that occurs just once in a sea I discover I am.

You, innermost of oceans, you, infinitude of space.

How many far places were once within me.

Some winds are like my own child.

When I breathe them now, do they know me again?

Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus II, 1

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In touch with a source within


One of the aims of meditation practice is to develop a mind that sees, and does not get hooked into events too easily. The “Ten Thousand things” in this quote is a shorthand way of talking about all the experiences –  good and bad – which arise and pass away.  It stands for all of reality, which contains the right mix of experiences for our growth, and with its ebbs and flows is continually rearranging itself.

When the ten thousand things are viewed in their oneness

we return to the origin

and remain where we have always been.

Sosan, Third Zen Patriarch, died 606