At odds

Suffering occurs when you believe in a thought that is at odds with what is, what was, or what may be. Experience this moment free of your mind’s interpretations of it. You are not your story. They are not your story about them. The world is not your story about the world. Suffering is how Life tells you that you are resisting or misperceiving what is real and true


Only three things

When you die, only three things will remain of you, since you will abandon all material things on the threshold of the Otherworld:

What you have taught to others,

what you have created with your hands,

and how much love you have spread.

So learn more and more in order to teach wise, long-lasting values. Work more and more to leave the world things of great beauty. 

François Bourillon, A French Druid Triad

Stability and freedom

Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future

The past no longer is. The future has not yet come.

Look deeply at life as it is.

In the very here and now the practitioner dwells in stability and freedom.

We must be diligent today. To wait until tomorrow is too late.

Death comes unexpectedly –  How can we bargain with it

The sage calls the person who lives in mindfulness night and day “one who knows the better way to live”

The Buddha, Bhaddekaratta Sutta

Sitting still

The first fruition of the practice is the attainment of froglessness.

When a frog is put on the center of a plate,

she will jump out of the plate after just a few seconds.

If you put the frog back again on the center of the plate,

she will again jump out.

You have so many plans. There is something you want to become.

Therefore you always want to make a leap, a leap forward.

It is difficult to keep the frog still on the center of the plate.

You and I both have Buddha Nature in us.

This is encouraging,

but you and I both have Frog Nature in us.

That is why the first attainment of the practice – 

froglessness is its name.

Thich Nhat Hanh