Who are You?

If I ask you, ‘Who are you?’ You answer, ‘I am the one who sees. From back in here somewhere, I look out, and I am aware of the events, thoughts, and emotions that pass before me.’ If you go very deep, that is where you live. A true spiritual being lives there, without effort and without intent. Behind all thoughts and emotions, there you are. Now you are in the center of your consciousness. You are behind everything, your true home. The great mystery begins once you take that seat deep within.

Michael Singer

A period of silence

Reflecting on the challenges posed by this ongoing pandemic:

Reality met on its own terms demands …..another identity …..more silent and more here than the one looking hungrily for an easy, unearned answer.

David Whyte, Consolations

The long silences need to be loved, perhaps
more than the words
which arrive
to describe them
in time.

Franz Wright, 1953 – 2015 American Poet, East Boston, 1996


Transformation not only shifts how you view the world, but also how you relate to the world. In every situation, ask yourself, ‘Am I being an actor or a victim? Am I valuing or devaluing? Am I focused on me or on us?’ As humans, we are meaning-making creatures. We can create any meaning we want. Why not create a life-enhancing set of possibilities, rather than an endless refrain of victimization and suffering? Manifesting your transformation in the world is what makes it substantial.

Marilyn Schlitz, Social anthropologist, researcher and writer,

Sunday quote: Always changing

You begin to see that there are seasons in your life, in the same way as there as seasons in nature.

They weave into one another as day follows nightbringing, not messages of hope and fear

but messages of how things are.

Chogram Trungpa Rinpoche, How to Rule