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We never start to be grateful unless we wake up. Wake up to what? To surprise. As long as nothing surprises us, we walk through life in a daze. We need to practice waking up to surprise. I suggest using this simple question as a kind of alarm clock: “Isn’t this surprising?” “Yes, indeed!” will be the correct answer, no matter when and where and under what circumstances you ask this question. After all, isn’t it surprising that there is anything at all, rather than nothing? Ask yourself at least twice a day, “Isn’t this surprising?” and you will soon be more awake to the surprising world in which we live.

David Steindl-Rast, Awake, Aware and Alert

photo tony hisgett

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5 thoughts on “Surprising

  1. I love this one Karl, thank you. Just been listening to a bird in the garden; Im sure he is summoning others to a meeting! Now isn’t that a lovely aurprise on another dark, wet morning?! 😊

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