Not holding on

abbey river

We can sometimes make our experiences very solid and permanent. This gives them more importance and increases our tendency to become identified with their energy, and get stuck in the story, causing more suffering in this way.

Transience is the force of time that makes a ghost of every experience. There was never a dawn, regardless how beautiful or promising, that did not grow into a noontime. There was never a noon that did not fall into afternoon. There was never an afternoon that did not fade toward evening. There never was a day yet that did not get buried in the graveyard of the night.

In this way transience makes a ghost out of everything that happens to us.

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

All is grace

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When you are no longer preoccupied with asking for more and more stuff, then you just take what is given and give what is taken. Life is simple again. A farmer explained it to us this way: “You cannot make the clouds rain more, you cannot make the sun shine less. They are just nature’s gifts — take it or leave it.”

When the things around you are seen as gifts, they are no longer a means to an end; they are the means and the end.

Nipum Mehta Paths are made for Walking

photo Purple Sherbet Photography