11 thoughts on “Where to focus

  1. How gorgeous. Something to aspire to I think! I hope you had a safe trip home today Fi. Wishing you a New Year filled with many moments of peace, joy, prosperity and happiness!! Xo, your friend Lynda

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  2. I love this post, it’s really special. I’ve been keeping it in my In-Box with the intention of re-blogging it. I think today is the day!

    1. Thanks Jude

      Had to check when I posted it, so you have been mulling over it for a while! Hope Spring has arrived in your part of France. Saw the swallows returned this morning for the first time. so that is nice,


    1. It’s indeed special! Tolle’s work is amazing and he is immensely popular in Germany. Thanks for sharing this one with us, Karl – a truly great post- ❤

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