Being still

When we dare to be still and let the feelings come, even if we fear they will pounce on us like panthers, we find something surprising.   Karma means movement, and sometimes it’s easy to see that we are almost always in movement – almost always moving away from what is, always planning, improving, even trying to make what is stay.   When we dare to be still, we stop our karma. What does this mean? It means we aren’t sentenced to live out the same old thoughts and fears. We discover that there is a force of love and compassion comes with feeling the pain we fear in the same way a hand flies up to cradle a bumped head. And we discover that things are not as we fear, that we are not alone, that awareness and stillness and compassion are not just a words but forces, that we are held.

Tracy Cochran, What Can Happen When We’re Still

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