Allowing each and every thing

The point here is to take life in all its rich variety just as it is, with its ten thousand opposites,

and to go along with whatever circumstances require, embracing things after their own inclination or according to chance,

letting things be, rather than getting in their way, and thus allowing each and every thing, each and every appearance, to pursue a meaning and purpose distinct from my own.

Totsudo Kato, 1870 – 1949, Japanese writer

One thought on “Allowing each and every thing

  1. Hi Karl, I hope you remember me from commenting on your fabulous blog posts. I still read them and get such inspiration from them, although I stopped blogging a few years ago so I just catch them on my emails. Today’s post feels relevant as I’m having minor surgery tomorrow, although it doesn’t feel minor to me! 🙂 Blogging on a regular basis became too much for me as my MS worsened and my ability to ‘do life’ became more difficult. It became a pressure rather than a pleasure and that didn’t feel right, but I do miss the whole experience, meeting people etc. we never did meet in Ireland did we which is a shame but we still get over there now and again so you never know, or maybe you’re not still there. We have a new baby granddaughter who is now 10 months old and she has lifted me somehow and brings great joy, as do all our grandchildren. I hope you are keeping well.

    Love Christine

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