Holding the heart open

Had a beautiful stroll this morning on a trail in a forest. The leaves on the trees were  shades of red and orange and yellow and the sun was shining brightly. Suddenly not far away on the trail I saw a deer. They come down into  this part of the forest because it is a refuge, safe from hunters. It stood and watched me carefully, with big bright eyes. I was full of tenderness toward this timid creature, but it turned away, afraid to trust any human.

The human heart is like that. We want so much to connect, to relax with others, but we wait to see and test if they can actually hold our hearts and our fears. We seem to continually be on the alert for danger. Frequently we have moments like this encounter – with people or with events in our life – when we are faced with a choice. Do we keep the heart open or do we turn away? Can we stay open to all we encounter, knowing that everything we meet can be worked with. I know I find this hard and often say “no” to life as it presents itself in this moment and I contract and pull away.

9 thoughts on “Holding the heart open

    1. Dear Cloud,

      Nice to hear from you again. I do not know about capturing the essence, but I do know that there are moments when we, like the deer, turn away, because of fears of safety. The big challenge, I find, is to dare to believe, even if our experience up to now has been that people are untrustworthy, or at least to hold the space and not run.

  1. It’s definitely thought provoking.
    I think whether holding the heart open or turning away depends upon the degree of trust we have for people or events not on absolute trust. Then, there is learning from the past and changing that degree of trust, or rather creating limits.
    We have to control ourselves and let others control themselves. This is what I have learned personally.

  2. Beautiful metaphor for the heart’s choice–to stay and just be through an uncomfortable transformation through vulnerability and into new growth or to to run away and leave that opportunity for new growth for another day. Thanks for your enlightening words.

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