Halloween demons and monsters

A similar post with a halloween theme, on how to work with the fears which our mind creates. It suggests that the best way to work with our fears involves turning towards and holding them in non-judgmental awareness, rather than fighting or running away:

Normally we empower our demons by believing that they are real and strong in themselves and have the power to destroy us…. [But]…demons are ultimately part of the mind and, as such, have no independent existence.

Nonetheless we engage with them as though they were real, and we believe in their existence – ask anyone who has fought post-traumatic stress, or addiction, or anxiety. The mind perceives demons as real, so we get up caught up in battling with them. Usually this habit of fighting against our perceived problems gives demons strength, rather than weakening them. In the end all demons are rooted in our tendency to create polarization. By understanding how to work with this tendency  – to try and dominate the perceived enemy and to see things as either/or – we free ourselves from demons by eliminating them at their very source.

Tsultrim Allione, Feeding your Demons: Ancient Wisdon for Resolving Inner Conflict

One thought on “Halloween demons and monsters

  1. So true, I did that this week with flu symptoms, just let them exist and didn’t fought against them. It’s a whole new approach and so difficult to do.

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