Staying with the feeling

This statement by Tara Brach contains the essence of practice: All of our reactions to people, to situations, to thoughts in our mind – are actually reactions to the kind of sensations that are arising in our body.

See if you can practice this today: Notice the sensations in your body, before thinking sets in. Notice how the body reacts to pleasant and unpleasant events or experiences.  Stay with fear as a feeling in the body before it gets to thoughts or emotions.  Can you allow the sensation just remain a sensation in the body? Can you stop judging your whole life just because of a disturbing feeling in the body?

One thought on “Staying with the feeling

  1. I’m really working with this as I begin my MBSR course. Last night for whatever reason, I was in a very surly place, but I also recognized it and was therefore able to watch it, and also to apologize to my husband about being in such a mood and any effect it was having if it leaked out at him. Better than saying all the surly thoughts that were arising in response to the physical condition I was in!

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