Happiness does not mean there are no problems

We often think that happiness means that there are no problems going on in our lives. However this is never going to happen for as long as we are on this earth. There are ups and downs every day and we soon see that even the best moments will never last forever. We can only do our best and come to see that some things,  and how others act, are beyond our control.  So happiness comes from viewing  our problems in a new light. The key to wisdom practice is to stay in the present moment, regardless of whether that moment is pleasant or unpleasant. Happiness is not the absence of difficulties, but comes about in the reality of the losses and change which are part of this world.

Another way, which is our practice here, is slowly to open ourselves to the wonder of what life is,  by meticulous attention to the anatomy of the present moment. Slowly, slowly we become more sophisticated and knowledgeable…in this approach everything in our life becomes grist for the mill… as this anatomy becomes clear, freedom increases.

Charlotte Joko Beck

2 thoughts on “Happiness does not mean there are no problems

  1. Happiness is enjoying the beauty all around us, and the moments of pleasure; all for living our life in completeness. Facing our every day troubles and choosing our direction with a little added smile helps to chase the blues away.

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