When weakness becomes a place of joy

Today we had a beautiful early Spring morning,  and it was a lovely background for the second session of the MBSR Programme where the majority of participants are volunteers for the new Hospice soon to open in Geneva.  I was  reflecting on the type of presence we have with others, and how to create a space to tune into them, especially when they are weak. And later one I was reflecting in my own life how the fundamental lesson is learning to accept our own weakness and what a freedom it is  when we  see that we are accepted and loved. Sadly,  we often pick up the opposite message when we are little, that our worth comes from our competence and what we can do for others. It is great to let go of that and realize that we are accepted even when we are at our worst,  when we  make mistakes, even when we let others down. That is the greatest joy, a letting go and an end to striving.

Our lives are a mystery of growth from weakness to weakness, from the weakness of the little baby to the weakness of the aged. Throughout our lives we are prone to fatigue, sickness and accidents. Weakness is at the heart of each one of us. Weakness becomes a place of chaos and confusion, if in our weakness we are not wanted; it becomes a place of peace and joy, if we are accepted, listened to, appreciated and loved.

If we deny our weakness and the reality of death, if we want to be powerful and strong always, we deny part of our being, we live an illusion.

Jean Vanier Becoming Human

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