Being ordinary

What is known as “realizing the mystery” is nothing but breaking through to grasp an ordinary persons life.


For most people, just the thought of being ordinary is like a cross to a vampire; it’s the thing we fear most. We want to be unique and special, not ordinary, and we turn to books on meditation, perhaps, to help turn us into the kind of special person we want to be.  None of us want to accept the mind that we have got. We come to practice because there are aspects of the mind that we don’t know how to come to terms with.

This dread of being ordinary has many roots deep in our psychological makeup. We dread being lost in the crowd, feeling that we have never gotten the attention or acknowledgement that we deserve. So much of our life is spent running away from the ordinary, and towards what we think of as some kind of a spiritual alternative.

Barry Magid,  Ending the Pursuit of Happiness

3 thoughts on “Being ordinary

  1. Great post! Thank you. We search for an alternative to find a better way to deal with life or to succeed where we fear failure. The answer is in the now, but that is hard to deal with sometimes.

  2. This reminds me of something a friend’s sponsor said to him: Joe, dare to be average!

    Struck me then as tremendously profound, and still does.

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