No coming, no going

No Coming. No Going.

Everything is pretending to be born and to die.

That is a lie

An interesting quote from Thich Nhat Hahn. I am not sure that I completely get it but I think it means  that  –  at one level –  nothing really comes or goes, nothing is born or dies, but rather everything simply transforms into something else.  How can I apply that to my life? Well, when I get fixed on something as it currently is and desperately want to hold on to that, I suffer. But if I am able to see that everything is in a process of transforming, and thus not ending, then I do not need to hold on and suffering does not arise. If I realize how limiting it is when I hold fixed stories about myself or my life, and instead move toward a full openness and acceptance of what may emerge, then I can  more easily deal with the inevitable changes which each moment brings.

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