The difficulty of getting a real day of rest

And so we are, daily, becoming more enslaved to and more compulsive in our use of mobile phones and the Internet. For many of us it is now existentially impossible to take off a day, let alone several weeks, and be on a genuine holiday. Rather, the pressure is on us to constantly check for texts, e-mails, phone messages and the like. The expectation from our families, friends, and colleagues is precisely that we are checking these regularly. The sin du jour is to be, at any time, unavailable, unreachable or non-communicative.

Ron Rolheiser

One thought on “The difficulty of getting a real day of rest

  1. I agree that today it seems that there is relentless pressure to ‘social network’ on a superficial level with as many people as possible. The more “friends” you have on Facebook (hundreds, sometimes thousands) supposedly denotes what a success your life must be. Despite this there still seems to be a prevailing emptiness…… which can only be alleviated by taking time out… to still the mind….. and to just be….

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