New Studies on the Effects of Mindfulness meditation 3

Sometimes the studies on MBSR can be quite small and therefore it is hard to make very solid claims based on the research. Different ways of doing research can be  used and this makes it sometimes difficult to compare results. In order to overcome this problem, a new study was conducted, looking at all the studies carried out on MBSR and MBCT in the past 30 years, but using only the more rigorous, randomized,  trials which used control groups,  and only those studies with a minimum of 33 participants.

The research team, led by Lone Fjorback,  who works at the Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics, Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark,   performed a systematic review of all the articles published with these criteria. Using this type pf meta-analysis, they found that they showed that MBSR was beneficial for reducing stress and distress, alleviating depressive symptoms, and improving anxiety in both clinical and non-clinical populations.  Looking at MBCT, they found that it was shown to reduce the risk of relapse in depressive patients who had recovered from three or more previous episodes of depression.

The researchers concluded that Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has a significant evidence base for its approach towards improving mental health for both clinical and non-clinical populations.

Fjorback, L. O., Arendt, M., Ornbol, E., Fink, P., & Walach, H.  (2011).  Mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy – A systematic review of randomized controlled trials.  ACTA Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Volume 124, Issue 2, pages 102–119, August 2011

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