Lean towards, not away

The next time you lose heart and you can’t bear to experience what you are feeling, you might recall this instruction: change the way you see it and lean in……Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience, not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves. This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering – yours, mine, and that of all living beings.

Pema Chodron, Taking the Leap

4 thoughts on “Lean towards, not away

  1. This is one of my positions with PTSD sufferers. Go towards the fear and stay present when the thoughts erupt. Avoidance causes more suffering.

    An excellent pic with this sentiment, Karl. Very nice

    1. Thanks again Marty, as always. The picture reminded me of trees in the West of Ireland which are bent over by the wind. Leaning into the wind is somewhat counterintuitive but a practice I keep reminding myself to do. Even the remembrance of the practice creates a subtle

  2. Awareness brings many more opportunities as I see it. This is my favorite mindfulness blog. You are concise and hit the important points.

    complexity stiffles effort, I believe. make it simple and stay present. As always thought provoking quotes and daily inspiration.

    thanks Marty

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