Using the breath today

meditation breathingWhen we are physically and mentally calm, we have the ability to make choices in our lives. Often when we lose control we become physically or emotionally reactive. Not only does being aware of something as simple as breathing tell us a lot about the emotional state of ourselves and others, it gives us the chace to truly observe how and why we react in a certain way to specific circumstances. By anchoring in the present moment with our breath, the benefits of being in the moment are complimented by the natural relaxation that occurs with conscious breathing. Learning to be aware of our breathing is one of the single best tools we have for keeping a foothold in the present moment.

Shannon Duncan, Present Moment Awareness.

3 thoughts on “Using the breath today

  1. i agree with Becca. A sense of confusion, not being sure of ourselves. For me I tend to fall into this as Al’s illness goes back and forth. It is not stable and therefore makes me unstable

  2. When I am not calm and peaceful, I am paralyzed and can’t make a choice. It’s all so overwhelming. I have developed the habit of going back to breath and that is the only choice I have at times. When I quit focusing on breath, I get paralyzed by my thoughts again. I’ve learned for the most part to accept where I am, what I’m thinking, and can get back to the present…or know that ‘this too shall pass’.

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