Bringing the mind back

As I live my day, I always try to have a contemplation going – whether I’m talking to people, riding in a car, giving teachings, or eating.  This can be as simple as bringing my mind back to the thought “May others be happy” at every opportunity. Or I might focus on selflessness or how to help someone who is ill. That power of intention helps me turn confusion on its ear and enjoy my life.  When self-absorption arises, I use the precision of my morning meditation to turn the energy inside out. I find that the more I do this, the less worried I feel. Each day is an opportunity to sharpen and deepen the conclusions I’ve drawn in my morning practice.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Ruling the World

3 thoughts on “Bringing the mind back

  1. Thank you for the time and effort you take to find genuinely beautiful quotes day after day for so many months. I have been following since the last three-four months and have rarely found a quote that did not feel like it had been chosen with love and care and attention. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for dropping by each day. I tend to post things that have some resonance for me at a given moment and it seems that this can sometime resonate with others also. And thank you for work work on your own blog and the spirit in which it is written. Karl

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