Our own path

There is a tendeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAncy in January to want to get away from our life, to compare it with other, “better”,  possible lives. Advertising encourages this, offering to get us away from this life to a sunnier life on holidays, or from this shape to a better one in the gym.  Practice encourages us to start where we are and find our own way, in the life that is given us:

There is no form that in and of itself is closer to God. All forms are just forms…..Each individual must therefore listen very carefully to hear her or his way or path. For one person it will be as mother, for another a celibate. For one it will be a householder, for another a wandering monk. Not better or worse. To live another’s life, to try to be Buddha or Christ because Christ did it, doesn’t get us there; it just makes us mimickers. This game is much more subtle: we have to listen to hear what our path through is, moment by moment, choice by choice.

Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill.

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