A meeting place

File:Chandigarh (North India) (399407625).jpg

We need to prepare a meeting place, an awareness that can meet what arises without contracting.  The basis of this is training in mindfulness: staying with contact without formulating a self and a reaction. This means that for a moment you can not know how things should be, or what to do. If you allow yourself this mindful uncertainty, that opens the essential space for a response rather than a reaction to arise. So when the feeling and the impression or ‘meaning’ come up, just wait right there. Don’t work from previous models. Don’t blink. Don’t try to change it. Don’t make a ‘me’ out of it. Then hold your awareness where it subsides. And with skill in that, the world of ‘me and it’ changes by itself.

Ajahn Sucitto, Is there an End?

photo steve evans from Citizen of the World

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