Sitting through difficulties

File:An Afghan elder and his cat sit outside his store at the Anaba bazaar in Panjshir province, Afghanistan.jpg

When we sit we are doing two things. First, sitting becomes a container; whatever has happened we sit still and feel it. The other side of sitting is the stillness of non-reactivity. We feel all…without doing anything to anybody. The feeling becomes our own responsiblity. Instead of our attention being directed, as it usually is, to making somebody else treat us differently, the way we want to be treated, we come back to experiencing what is at stake in being treated this way, what the hurt is really all about, and who we think we are that we can be hurt.

Barry Magid, Ending the Pursuit of Happiness

4 thoughts on “Sitting through difficulties

    1. Hi
      No. I found it on Wikimedia Commons and it is in the Public domain. I thought it worked well with the thoughts in the quote, both man and cat.


      1. Yes it does. It’s interesting because your posts often reflect “stuff” I happen to be experiencing at the time. Yesterday my post mentioned how difficult it can be to sit whilst ill on medication. Best wishes.

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