Never getting there

File:JRT with Ball.jpg

I cannot tell if what the world considers ‘happiness’
is happiness or not.
All I know is that when I consider the way they go about attaining it,
I see them carried away headlong, serious and obsessed,
in a general rush,  unable to stop themselves or to change their direction.

And all the while they claim to be
just on the point of attaining happiness….


photo emery way

2 thoughts on “Never getting there

  1. Thanks for this. Yes “in a general rush” could describe me sometimes, and those aren’t my happiest times. I read a poem recently with the lines “floors to sweep, grudges to keep” and the words you’ve shared remind me of the poem. Doesn’t it seem we rush through life, even though we may be unclear on our destination or schedule?

  2. HI Vincent. Yes it does. It is hard to filter the amount of stuff that comes at us from all directions. And there is a “driven” undercurrent in today’s world and work, and it is hard to create space. That is why I thought the general reminder “rushing”, without having to see why or where to, was a helpful one. Karl

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