Fear-driven stories

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The quality of our lives depends heavily on whether we assume a world of scarcity or a world of abundance.

By embracing the scarcity assumption, we create the very scarcities we fear.  We create scarcity by competing with others for resources as if we were stranded on the Sahara at the last oasis. In the human world, abundance does not happen automatically  It is created when we have the sense to choose community, to come together to celebrate and share our common story. Whether the “scarce resource” is money or love or power or words, the true law of life is that we generate more of whatever seems scarce by trusting its supply and passing it around. Authentic abundance does not lie in secured stockpiles of food or cash or influence or affection, but in belonging to a community where we can give those goods to others who need them – and receive them from others when we are in need.

Parker Palmer, The Active Life and Let Your Life Speak

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4 thoughts on “Fear-driven stories

  1. Love the concepts of scarcity and abundance. It flows into so much of life. Whether we give someone the space to pull in front of us in traffic is based on this model. If I believe there is an abundance of time and green lights and opportunities I let you in. If I believe I am out of time or you’ll take away my green light timing I don’t. Such a simple thing, but the idea of abundance/scarcity pervades virtually everything we do and all choices we make. I would argue with one point of Palmer’s, though. “…abundance does not happen automatically.” Actually it does. In fact we have to work at and build scarcity. The Universe is profoundly abundant. It makes everything en masse. This is also true of things we don’t want. The Universe doesn’t know how to do small. You ask for it, it comes in spades. See the world through distrusting eyes and the Universe will show you hundreds of untrustworthy souls. See the Planet as a source of immense opportunity and serendipitously opportunities will abound. We command more than we could ever possibly realize. The flow of wellbeing is immense, abundant and ever present. We either allow ourselves to be connected and open to this or we resist and cut ourselves off and see a world that is scarce. The choice is always ours to make.

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