A simple practice

File:Llindar de la porta de la casa de la lepra, Gata.JPG

Tibetan monks frequently practice a moment of mindfulness each and every time they walk through a door. Sometimes they do this by remembering to recite a certain verse or mantra as they do so. Try this yourself for a day. Every time you walk through a door, pause, take a moment, breathe in and out. Bring yourself back to the moment. Then cross the threshold and walk on.

      Lama Surya Das, Awakening to the Sacred: Creating a Spiritual Life from Scratch

photo joanbanjo

4 thoughts on “A simple practice

  1. Reblogged this on Mind Clouds and commented:
    I think I’ll try this today. Aside from being a new trigger to come back to the present moment, there’s something symbolic about doorways and gateways as well so it will be interesting – about transitions perhaps.

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