Practicing, not talking

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We often prefer talking about something, rather than actually doing it, and the mind continually produces good ways of running away from the present moment:

Speech is born out of longing, true description from the real taste

The one who tastes,  knows,

The one who explains,  lies

Rābiʿah al-Baṣrī, c 713 – 801 AD, Sufi poet and mystic

photo alex yosifov

4 thoughts on “Practicing, not talking

  1. Dear Karl — Thank you for sending these out so diligently. They are the highpoint of each day, so I am very grateful to you. Your website has introduced me to so many wonderful ideas and authors, and I share your quotes and website often, and often post it on my own blog (my home page changes, but currently I have the last Mary Oliver poem up.)

    Are you near Dublin? My husband and I will be traveling from California to Dublin in early May (and then will be going to North Wales, where we were married ten years ago.) If it would be convenient and pleasant, it would be lovely to thank you in person. And if not, please know we both appreciate you so much.

    Sincerely and with Metta,

    Nye Joell Hardy

    1. Dear Nye,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Was away on a short retreat. Thank you for your encouraging comments and I am very pleased that the website words are a support and a help for further reading. I am not that far from Dublin, so let me know as the day gets closer and we will see if it is possible to meet up. Its raining here these days but that wont be a surprise to you! Have a safe trip and maybe see yo soon,


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