Taking a step into a larger life

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We get to this point in our life [where] we see that stepping into a larger life is intimidating because it requires that we risk being who we really are, that is, what wants to come to the world through us – rather than serving our ego comforts or whatever instructions came our way. We cannot expect someone else to give us permission. The parent complexes, or the culture complexes, are embedded in our history and will never stop saying what they always said. So it is up to us at this later point, when we have served those voices so long, to realize that our own psyches have a unique point of view, that each one of us is different and that we are bound for different destinies. Stepping into largeness will require that we discern our personal authority – rather than the authority of others or the authority of our internalized admonitions – and live this inner authority with risk and boldness.

James Hollis, What Matters Most: Living a more Considered Life.

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6 thoughts on “Taking a step into a larger life

  1. So wonderfully put! I have been on a similar journey. I found myself asking others opinions of what I should do. In the end, I knew I needed to be doing what I was being called to, regardless of what others thought. Thanks so much for these words!

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