Half Circles

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These last few months I have come to see more and more how some sense of longing seems to be a part and parcel of human nature, and will never go away. It comes from the fact, as John O’Donohue wrote in Anam Chara, that the human person is athreshold where many infinities meet”. This can explain why, for many of us, a sense of wonder can exist in a world which is finite:

The human being is an in-between presence, belonging neither fully to the earth from which she has come, nor to the heavens toward which her mind and spirit aim….The creator of the universe loves circles: time and space are circles, the day is a circle, the year is a circle, the earth is a circle. But when creating and fashioning the human heart, the creator only created a half-circle, so that there is something ontologically unfinished in human nature. That is why you can’t enter your own life or inhabit your full presence without a vital and real relationship with some other person.

John O Donohue, The Presence of Compassion

photo hedera baltica

2 thoughts on “Half Circles

  1. I was introduced to john O Donohue through this website and I am delighted to read his wise words. Thank you for sharing this, because it is so true – many of us need a connection with others – in a wold where independence is King, it takes courage to admit that we need other people.

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