Supporting your Practice

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that I try to keep it fairly simple, don’t comment too much and let the texts speak for themselves in support of developing a meditation or mindfulness practice. And I rarely promote sites despite getting requests to do so,  as I try to keep the focus on meditation practice. However today I will deviate for once in recommending a site which does meditation supplies, as I really like the quality and the ethos of the person who is behind it, and I use them myself.  The site is called  It is worth a visit and a read about the philosophy behind their work. Based in Europe,  but run by a young Thai lady who is dedicated to supporting meditation practice,  its materials are produced using traditional methods in small villages in north-east Thailand,  and thus it assists the local economy in poor rural areas. It is a small-scale operation, focusing on the quality of all the materials, on maintaining traditional skills  and on the ethical way they are produced.   At this time of year when maybe you are considering giving a gift to someone, this could be an option in supporting someone’s meditation practice while helping rural villages in Thailand at the same time.

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