More than our fears

In Ireland,  Summer is officially over at the end of August, and, as if to acknowledge this, yesterday began foggy and grey. Typically,  however, the rest of the day turned out better than most of the Summer. The fog passed through, the sun came out. Today, we are told to expect heavy rain.  Small upsets or bigger storms…the sky can hold whatever passes through it.

It is essential to understand that an emotion is merely something that arises, remains and then goes away. A storm comes, it stays a while, and then it moves away. At the critical moment remember you are much more than your emotions. This is a simple thing that everyone knows, but you may need to be reminded of it: you are more than your emotions.

Thich Nhat Hahn, Healing Pain and Dressing Wounds

2 thoughts on “More than our fears

  1. Thank you so much for this today, Karl! I have found myself complaining about the weather this summer. Here in NE Pennsylvania it has been chillier and damper than I recall in past in years. And yet other parts of the US are truly suffering now with flooding and death, or devastating brush fires and unnaturally high temperatures. Why complain? It is what it is!

    1. Thank you, Shielagh, for your comments and your re-posting and all the work you do with your writings and your clients. You are certainly going through a number of storms in the US these months, not only in the external physical sphere but in other areas.So our capacity to let things pass through is a one that we must constantly work on. We all followed the news footage of the flooding in Texas, and in mainland Europe they are praying for water. It reminds us of how little control we have which is good for our ego-driven minds. However, one cannot but feel that some of it is also due to our own making and the way we treat our planet. Best wishes, Karl

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