Listen and Question

We tend to bestow our judging mind with unquestioned power and authority, but this risks an inaccurate self-perception. Instead, listen and question, without believing every word. Take back your right to evaluate the credibility of judgments and your own self-worth. By clarifying your relationship to the judging mind, you can reclaim your power to establish a more accurate self-perception and stable sense of well-being.

Mark Coleman, From Suffering to Peace: The True Promise of Mindfulness

3 thoughts on “Listen and Question

  1. Our mind is not in control, we are. So “listen and question” to me is similar to Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify.” Because, our heart, spirit, perception, or whatever are also in play in addition to the mind. We are the ones in control. Choose wisely.

    1. Hey Terry, nice to hear from you. You are right and this ability to observe the mind’s chatter without getting sucked in is a daily practice, Wishing you a peaceful 2020, Karl

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