The sound of the eternal

The images which arise out of the depths, be they the burning bush of biblical imagery, the complaint of the body, or the dream we dream tonight, link us to that throbbing, insistent hum which is the sound of the eternal. As children we listened to the sound of the sea still echoing in the shell we picked up by the shore. That ancestral roar links us to the great sea which surges within us as well.

James Hollis, The Archetypal Imagination

2 thoughts on “The sound of the eternal

  1. Thanku Karl.. I’m doing an essay on the imaginal… a lovely quote… I can see myself as a child with the seashell 😊🙏❤️

    1. Hi Sian, Thanks for dropping by and commenting. The imaginal is a very rich topic to be studying or writing about. There is a lot to be experienced in this life beyond what can just be seen, even on a “grey” day like today. Best wishes, Karl

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