It doesn’t matter

If we don’t pay attention to every little this, we miss the whole thing. And the contents of this can be anything. This can be straightening our sitting mats, chopping an onion, talking to one we don’t want to talk to. It doesn’t matter what the contents of the moment are; each moment is absolute. That’s all there is, and all there ever will be. If we could totally pay attention, we would never be upset. If we’re upset, it’s axiomatic that we’re not paying attention. If we fill our days and we miss not just one moment, but one moment after another, we’re in trouble.

Charlotte Joko Beck

One thought on “It doesn’t matter

  1. Great way to describe why being mindful is so important in our life. Love this and your blog. If somebody needs more help with mindfulness, I can recommend this book – net-bossorg/mindfulness-by-julia-hanner

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