Where to look


Without stepping out the door, one can know the world.

Without looking out of the window
One can see the way of heaven.
The further one goes
The less one knows.

The wise person knows without having to stir,
perceives without having to see,
Accomplishes without having to act.

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching,  chapter 47


Always new

Not a single drop of water passes over the same rock twice, and the murmur of water rushing over a rock is constantly changing. Sameness is but an illusion of the human ears, eyes, mind. Water that has once flowed along a riverbed can never retrace its course. Human life is no different. It is only our mundane eyes and minds that we see yesterday as being the same as today.

Enlightened eyes and minds should recognize that each moment has a form different from that of any other moment

Shundo Aoyama, Zen Seeds

It’s all already here

Not till your thoughts cease all 
their branching here and there, 
Not till you abandon all thoughts 
of seeking for something,
Not till your mind is motionless 
as wood or stone, will you be 
on the right road to the Gate.

Huang Po, died 850, influential Chinese Chan master