All is good

The weather has been strange these past days. Friday started with rain, then the temperature dropped and we had snow on the mountains. Then in the afternoon it was like Spring again with the sun bursting out and the temperature rising to 15 degrees. It was like four seasons in a day. And we had no control over it and can just watch as the different conditions come and go.

It is not surprising that the weather is used as a way of reflecting on our inner life. Things change rapidly there too, even within a day. What we are trying to move towards is greater acceptance of these different conditions and the ability to not label things “good” or “bad”. Fear often drives those labels and they lead to a closing of the heart.

In Spring, hundreds of flowers.
In Summer, refreshing breeze.
In Autumn, a harvest moon.
In Winter, snowflakes accompany you.

If you do not have
the upside-down views
every season is
a good season for you.

Buddhist classic texts
translated by Eido Shimano Roshi

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