Life is a blessing

When we notice and celebrate the little things each day, then life becomes a place of wonder, celebration and of gratitude. A walk along the river in the forest, the taste of a dessert, support when someone is ill, encouragement and advice along the road. This poem from Mary Oliver sees blessing in the smallest of creatures, in the shortest of moments. Such an appreciation of life helps us when we are tempted to take the little slights of each day too seriously.

What is this dark hum among the roses?
The bees have gone simple, sipping,
that’s all. What did you expect? Sophistication?
They’re small creatures and they are
filling their bodies with sweetness, how could they not
moan in happiness? The little
worker bee lives, I have read, about three weeks.
Is that long? Long enough, I suppose, to understand
that life is a blessing.

Mary Oliver, Hum

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