Inner nourishment

As adults we can sometimes fall into the trap of  blaming others for where or who we are.  Instead  we work at letting  go of resentments and becoming responsible for nurturing ourselves. Our parents may not have  provided the care we needed deep down, or others may have failed to support us in our lives.  However, now we  take on that role by acknowledging our own deepest needs and listening to what our inner self has to say.

We are, in a sense, our own parents, and we give birth to ourselves by our own free choice of what is good.

St Gregory of Nyssa, Homily on the Book of Ecclesiastes

2 thoughts on “Inner nourishment

  1. I like your quotes and little axioms. Quite frankly I’ve cut and pasted a couple. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve recently bought two books called, How to be An Adult, and How to Be An Adult In Relationships. There are many parallels between your blog and these books. Keep writing. God be with you.

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