Natural Goodness

Our mind is often very self-critical. and replays the faults and shortcomings of our life, over and over again, like a broken record.  To work with this, some meditation traditions emphasize that we focus instead on our deep underlying goodness – our true nature –  and this focus allows a practical confidence to grow, which counteracts the critical voice. We can see this approach – which shifts the orientation in our life –  in the following quotation from the great Zen teacher, Dogen. It helps balance the suggestion that our life would be better if only this or that happened, or indeed, if this or that had not happened to us.  It also recalls what is said in the first week of the MBSR programme: No matter where you are in you life, or what difficulties you are going through, there is more right with you than wrong. It is grounded in the belief that everyone, in their very essence, is in one sense fully complete. There is a gentle confidence in this perspective – no one will fall short and all things will come together to achieve that. The practice is to come to know this deeply, by direct experience.

No creature ever falls short of its own completion.

Wherever it stands it does not fail to cover the ground


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