Words are the cognitive contraptions we use to work our way through a world of uncertainty. Words can free us: as symbols they are essential to distance us from experience enough to compare and contrast and reveal patterns in a complex universe. Seeing those patterns with ideas framed in our mind also enables us to communicate those insights to others. In these ways words are a wonderful gateway to understanding and sharing.

Yet words can also entrap us. If we do not recognize the limitations of their boundaries, if we see them as real, their top-down influences on our lives can be devastating. We can come to believe that “intelligence” is something we are either born with, or not. We can think that “we” are good and “they” bad. We can even feel that “I” is something so real  and important that “you” don’t matter. Letting go of such top-down influences is the art of mindful awareness. The receptivity of presence allows us to unleash the shackles that automatically enslave us.

Daniel J. Siegel. The Mindful Brain

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hello Karl, found your wonderful blog when looking for other like minded mindfulness practitioners. I have just started blogging so it is a whole new adventure for me. My interest in meditation started nearly 30 years ago and it has been an interesting journey since then, always learning……….
    Kind regards,

  2. I am going to share this, on Facebook and Twitter, Karl.

    Yes, I am finally back…and although I may not always comment, please know that I am reading your wonderful posts and finding them so relevant and balancing. Thank you for sharing!

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